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Vray Studio Setup 1.3

Posted by Visualtricks on giugno 6th, 2012 at 2:41 pm
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Un classico set con illuminazione da studio, controllato tramite Xpresso e Python. Richiede Cinema4D R12 o superiori e Vray4C4D

Rispetto alla versione precedente ho rivisto l’interfaccia, aggiunto alcune opzioni (ad es. diversi tipi di textures per le luci) e risolto alcuni bug.

All’interno della libreria sono disponibili anche alcuni materiali preimpostati ed un oggetto test sui quali provarli.

Bonus: nella zona download trovate anche un archivio con alcuni oggetti modellati con TopMod.

Se trovate errori o incompatibilità, segnalateli pure nei commenti !

12/06/2012 Nota: nei download precedenti a questa data sono presenti alcuni errori di percorso sulle texture dei materiali. È sufficiente eliminare il percorso, lasciando solamente il nome della texture (nome.jpg) per correggere l’errore. Inoltre in un materiale (“vetro goffrato”) è stato usato un plug-in (EnhanceC4D) la cui mancanza non influisce sul comportamento della scena (e che può essere sostituito con un Noise standard di cinema). I download effettuati dopo questa data non dovrebbero presentare invece problemi.


A classic studio set controlled by Xpresso and Python. Requires at least Cinema4D R12 and Vray4C4D

From the previuos version the interface has been revisited, some options and functions have been added (like light shapes/textures) and bugs have been fixed.

It’s distribuited as a cinema4d library (for you to handy access via Content Browser) and comes with some material preset. In download section you can also find some objects modeled with TopMod.

If you find any error or bug please report it !

12/06/2012 Note: downloads prior to this date contains textures paths errors on some materials. That can be solved by just erasing the path and leaving only the texture file name (name.jpg). Also one material (“vetro goffrato”) uses a plug-in (EnhancheC4D) in bump channel, that can be easily replaced with a standard Noise shader. Downloads after this date should be ok.


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  2. whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your posts.
    Keep up the great work! You understand, a lot of individuals are searching around for this info, you could help them greatly.

  3. Amazing work! Thank you so much!

    But how can I access the Studio Controls menu? I don’t see it when I load some stage setup. I have C4d R18 and Vray 2.55.
    Thanks mate

    • Visualtricks |

      Hi, unfortunately I can’t test this rig with R18 and Vray 2.55 but it will probably fail as the xpresso nodes ports have changed. I will dig into it as soon as I can. Anyway the controls should be visible in the attribute manager when the studio rig is selected in the OM.

  4. Hi, Love your work by the way, but how can I control the shadows in your Studio (VRAY STUDIO SETUP 1.3) I need to have darker, more dense shadows but I can’t seem to adjust them.


    • Visualtricks |

      Hi and thanks for your comment! Shadows are actually left at their default (black) which is the physical correct color, there isn’t a direct control to shadow density in Vray. You can try to play with ColorMapping bright and dark values to enhance contrast, but I suggest to work with light intensities/size/positions to get the result you’re after (also turning some lights off might help). If you need to show me a more specific example I can look into it, use the mail :)


    • Visualtricks |

      Thanks for your interest! It should actually already work fine with the latest Vray version. Unfortunately I don’t have much spare time anymore to think about further development of this tool, but if you want to suggest some feature I’ll be happy to look at it :)

  5. Thanks for this fantastic add on to cinema. I can now concentrate on producing great renders without delving into the sometimes complicated lighting and GI parameters for Vray. I see you are also a fan of TopMod like myself. I like this unusual programme as well.
    Great work.

    Cheers, Mike